Michael's Writing

Extracts from the Heart


Perhaps one of the best ways to learn a little about someone is to understand what they love, but you have to keep in mind… these are just a few of the things that I love. Any attempt at a complete description of loving cannot help but end in blown minds, open hearts and setting suns. It is the ways we each express love that make us beautifully unique, and obviously one way for me to express my love for the gift of being is through writing.

When I’m immersed in the process of writing, and forget myself, I remember that I love all of it, the whole shebang, the opportunity and freedom of life itself. I love what all of us are together: the fabric of our unity. I love the inner dialogue that emerges when I’m yearning to catch hold of an inspired idea, and all that meets me there. And I love the moments when all resistance falls away, and the essence of whatever it is that escapes pinning down is expressed somehow, and shared. I love when you witness this with me.

I love the way the world works, and the mystery surrounding all that occurs. This is a love of science, a love of understanding the heart of things, but it’s more than science. I love the way the world emerges, the way it reveals hidden order, the way it dances, spirals and unfolds–and the way honest observation of one’s own heart can change everything. I love the way the human beings are entangled with the very core of the process by which experience and phenomena arise.

I love the work of genius–thought and action that speak together about the potential for ever more expansive human relationship with the hidden orders of the world. I love what emerges when people reflect profoundly and honestly on what they are passionate about, and share the fruits of their labors, which transform the world.

I love my wife, my family and friends, and all those with whom I’m able to share freely the contents of my heart. If you’re here, that must be you…